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ScaleUp Portland ME is currently accepting applications

ScaleUp Portland ME is a federal SBA-funded investment program designed to support businesses with the greatest potential to create jobs and increase regional wealth over the next 1-3 years.

The ScaleUp program is offered free of charge to a handful of select business owners and small business executives each year. Qualifying firms are provided access to world-class private consulting, provided by business experts from around the country (paid for by the US Small Business Administration). They also get to participate in a weekly group-based multi-disciplinary skills training program designed specifically to increase business expansion success, drive long-term sustainable growth, and support measurable economic impact on a regional level and beyond.

By providing professional management training, business strategy support, and streamlined connection to a wide-variety of funding sources and regional partnerships, the ScaleUp program is helping businesses expand and creating new economic opportunities all across the region.

Scaling your operations to exceed $1M in annual revenue isn't easy. ScaleUp can help.

Grow Your Business

Free resources and consulting services for qualified firms

Who Qualifies?

The ScaleUp Portland ME program is available to small to mid-sized businesses with
sustainable annual revenue between 150k and 500k. It is especially relevant to business owners seeking to exceed $1M in sustainable revenue in the next 12-24 months.

​How Does it Work?

​ScaleUp Portland ME provides structured discussions, one-on-one business support, and networking opportunities to aid growing businesses in their efforts to effectively scale. The program is 100% funded through the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Benefits of Participation​

The SBA ScaleUp program has supported the expansion of more than 40 businesses across the Roanoke Valley. 90% have increased year-over-year sales, almost all have created new local jobs, and 25% have opened, or are in the process of opening, additional retail, manufacturing, or office locations.​